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TrendScanner Forex Indicator (MT4)

    The TrendScanner Forex indicator for Metatrader 4 gets displayed in dashboard format and reveals the trend for multiple currency pairs and time frames.

    The indicator appears in a bottom chart of the trading platform as green/red/gray small bars (see chart below).

    You can add/remove currency pairs by editing the indicator’s inputs and press OK to save the new configuration.

    This is a powerful Forex indicator that you should try right away!

    Buy & sell signal:

    • A green bar is a buy signal.
    • A red bar is a sell signal.
    • A gray bar indicates sideways price action.

    Free Download:

    Download the “TrendScanner.mq4” indicator for MT4

    Indicator Example Chart (EUR/USD H4)

    The example chart below displays the TrendScanner mt4 indicator in action on the trading chart.

    After you downloaded and installed the indicator on the MT4 trading platform, it should look like the image as shown above.

    Trading Tips:

    Feel free to use your own favorite trade entry, stop loss and take profit method when trading with this powerful indicator.

    As always, trade in agreement with the overall trend and practice on a demo account first until you fully understand this indicator.

    Please note that even the best trading indicator cannot yield a 100% win rate over long periods.

    Indicator Specifications & Inputs:

    Trading Platform: Developed for Metatrader 4 (MT4)

    Currency pairs: Works for any pair

    Time frames: Works for any time frame

    Trade Style: Works for scalping, day trading and swing trading

    Input Parameters: Variable (inputs tab), color settings & style

    Indicator type: Trend

    Does the indicator repaint? No.

    Download Now:

    Download the “TrendScanner.mq4” indicator for Metatrader 4

    How to install this indicator on Metatrader 4?

    Open the Metatrader 4 platform

    From the top menu, click on “File”

    Then click on “Open Data Folder”

    Then double click with your mouse button on “MQL4”

    Now double click on “Indicators”

    Paste the indicator in the Indicators folder.

    Finally restart the MT4 platform and attach the indicator to any chart.

    How to remove the indicator?

    Click with your right mouse button in the chart with the indicator attached onto it.

    Select “Indicator List” from the drop down menu.

    Select the indicator and press delete.

    How to edit the indicator’s inputs and parameters?

    Right click with your mouse button in the chart with the indicator attached onto it.

    From the drop down menu, click on indicators list.

    Select the indicator from the list and press edit.

    Now you can edit the indicator.

    Finally, press the OK button to save the updated configuration.

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