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Hidden EA Scalper Forex Robot (MT4)

    The Hidden EA for MT4 is a fully automated Forex scalper robot that delivers stable trading results for many month during the testing period.

    This expert advisor takes advantage of short-term trends found within larger market trends.

    Generally speaking, it delivered between 4% and 9% profit each month and the account drawdown seen was pretty low.

    This EA looks promising!

    The Hidden EA works the best on the 1-hour time frame on the lower spread currency pairs.

    As always, please use this EA on a demo account first until you fully understand how it works and how it performs over an extended period of time.

    Free Download

    Download the “HIDDEN EA.ex4” for MT4

    Strategy Tester Report

    Find below the Hidden EA track record (click on the picture for full size view).

    • Total net profit: $57.81
    • Profit in pips: 294
    • Consecutive wins: 11
    • Consecutive losses: 2

    Download This Expert Advisor

    Download the “HIDDEN EA.ex4” for Metatrader 4

    Recommendations & Specifications

    • Trading instruments: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY,.. (low spread currency pairs)
    • Time frames: Works the best on H1 charts
    • Minimum account balance: $100
    • Demo account: Yes
    • Real account: Yes
    • Trading platform: Metatrader 4

    Chart Example

    The picture below shows the Hidden EA Scalper expert advisor attached to the EUR/USD 1-hour chart.

    Input Parameters & Settings

    The following input parameter values can be modified by accessing the EA’s “Inputs” tab:

    Lot option, factor lot, magic number, take profit, stop loss, jarak pips, MA period, MA method, D period, slowing overbought, oversold

    How to install and run the Hidden EA Scalper?

    • Open the Metatrader 4 platform
    • From the top menu, click on “File”
    • Now click on “Open Data Folder”
    • Open the “MQL4” folder
    • Open the “Experts” folder
    • Copy the HIDDEN EA.ex4 file here
    • Then close and restart the MT4 platform
    • Attach the expert advisor to the chart

    Now, you are ready to start using the Hidden EA Scalper!